Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintanance

The switchgear and protective relaying system should be always alert to operate against an unexpectedly fault. Switchgear which was in quiescent state has to operate immediately. For such an operation, regular and detailed maintenance is necessary. The lack of maintenance may result in failure in operation.

The maintenance requirements of static equipments like transformers, capacitors etc. are much less compared to other dynamic equipments like circuit breakers, motors etc.

Maintenance is classified in two categories as follows:

  • 1. The breakdown or corrective maintenance activities are undertaken after failure of an equipment. Such maintenance results in outage of circuit and supply. In general, it consists of locating the trouble, repair and recommissioning.
  • 2. The preventive maintenance is undertaken to ensure smooth and efficient working of a system, equipment. Preventive maintenance is undertaken as per schedule before breakdown of a system or machine takes place.

A performance record of each critical component is maintained and basic decisions on the service life of the component and the total service it has put in. Repairs or replacements are made to ensure that no breakdown occurs at any time during the service.

Preventive maintenance is carried out in planned manner. Breakdown maintenance is carried out as and when necessary. For switchgear and protective equipment, preventive maintenance is recommended because failure of a switchgear cannot be permitted.